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#6 Stag Party

Baltic Security provides Stag Party Security in Latvia | Lithuania | Estonia | Romania | Ukraine | Hungary. The key points in the stag party safety in Latvia  are taxi charges | b-girls . Often taxi charges x10 times the regular rate. If the client start to hustle the taxi driver, his friends appears from nowhere and a police is being called on the scene. Moreover, we have seen cases that if not our presence the stag party from 10 people might have ended with the very negative sequences.

Stag Party safety in Estonia is especially recommended for the clients not from Northern Europe. Since Tallin is a very popular destination for the guests – stag party guests from Finland and from St. Petersburg, Russia. Very hot combination!

Stag Party safety | VIP Security in Lithuania is offered by Baltic Security. Our private clients are very thankful for the quality of the VIP treatment | Car Service | Mobile response team |not withstanding that dress code of  Vilnius, Lithuania  night clubs may not allow to enter even the VIP.


After a nice night out with good food and plenty of alcohol the individual got lost from his friends that were visiting Tallinn, Estonia. Friends got alerted the morning after. Mr. Joe Doe (fictional name) had his cell phone off, did not show up at the hotel, did not make any arrangements, missed the departure. Friends contacted BALTIC SECURITY and we  have initiated an alert thru our well established sources. Within few hours, we got a positive ID of the lost individual, last seen in one of the night clubs, flashing some cash. We received leads on the further investigative events. Luckily, the guest found the way to confirm the well being.

Please note: for the groups of 4+ guests we operate only with an additional VIP Security officer. Baltic Security does not cooperate with any bars, strip clubs or nightclubs. We leave this option to the client, however, dress code and proper behaviour is a must. Even our strong connections will not let the clients to violate the normal internal rules of the establishment.


Bar Girls Scam in Latvia | Lithuania | Estonia

Bar girls Scam in Latvia Lithuania Estonia

Bar girls Scam in Latvia Lithuania Estonia

Bar – Girls scam aka B – Girls scam in Latvia | Estonia | Lithuania used to be a very popular scam in the recent past. The scam used to be a popular scheme for local bars and strip clubs to get some easy extra cash. In Latvia the biggest surprise was 10,000 USD for a bottle of cheap champagne. However the bar had a wrong person for the victim – it was an official from one of the embassies in Riga, Latvia…

Tallinn | Riga | Vilnius the scheme was one and the same. Nice looking young ladies with perfect English lured foreigners into the bars. After a few drinks, the unsuspected foreigner was getting a bill for several grands for a few drinks.

Bar – Girls scam was one of the main reason for Riga City Council to create a special unit within the municipal police: Riga Tourist Municipal Police.

Riga Municipal Police has a specialised Tourist Unit, which ensures public order, as well as provides information to foreign visitors about the opportunity for assistance in case of incidents like theft, lost property and fraud. A 24-hour information Hotline +371 67181818 has been introduced for foreign nationals. Information is provided in Latvian, Russian, and English.” –

Online source to check for video from Riga Police:

Similar is available from Tallinn and Vilnius.

Notwithstanding the general improvement of the situation in Baltics and Bar – Girls scam in Latvia | Estonia and Lithunia are stronger supervised, we advise clients to use common sense and general safety standards.

Things to watch for such: taxi drivers | use only well known companies | always make an order thru call center, Taxify or Uber. Picking up a cab from the street may turn out in charges that are  x10 times the normal rate and unnecessary issues with law enforcement or other cab drivers.

Unauthorized credit card charges | provocations from the local or not local people | public safety has always be remembered.

For the client’s convenience, we offer Safety – Driver bodyguard in Estonia | Lithuania | Latvia | Hungary | Romania | Ukraine.  Driver – bodyguard is appropriate for the stag parties or simply for the piece of mind for private visits. Mobile response team in case of emergency is a compliment hiring a Driver Bodyguard.

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