Lithuania: car abduction turned into brutal murder of young woman.

Staged road accident in Lithuania | killed lady

Car abduction as a murder of the young Lithuanian woman.

Blog is commemorated to the abducted and killed young woman  Eva Strazdauskaite.

As was reported by media the girl left Plunge, Lithuania   (Plunge, Lietuva) from her parents towards Vilnius, Lithuania on 5/03/17 evening. Cell phone connection was lost in the Kaunas district. At 1840 the phone was off. Relatives and acquaintances at once started to suspect the girl was abducted. On the night of 6/03/17 victim’s Audi A7 was found in the forest of Zeimiai, LT (Jonava District, Lithuania). On 10/03/17 it was reported the young woman was killed. Her body was found in the Kedainai, Lithuania district.

Police investigated that suspects staged the car accident on the highway and made to halt the Audi A7 driven by Eva Strazdauskaite. Suspects apprehended the female’s car and she was pushed into the trunk of suspect’s BMW. Then the criminals took the girl to the Kėdainiai district and killed her with a shovel. The whole body of the girl – a lot of damage. But most of the blows had to hit the head – head was hit more than ten times.

Police is convinced:  the girl was killed because of the car – Audi A7 (2014 – 2017 model). The suspects wanted to steal and then sell it. Based on the police investigation, the killers intended to get back to the car later, but it  was too late – the police was already by the car.

Until the exact sequence of events is established, it has already become clear why the girl was killed. During the interrogations, suspects Carolis Belyauskas, Liaonas Belyauskas and Mantas Belyauskas admitted that Eva Strazdauskaite could have survived if she had not tried to resist the suspects with active actions and threats.

The suspects stated they did not intend to kill Strazdauskaite, and thought that they would not have problems with the stolen car, but they were enraged by the girl’s words that she would report her abduction to the police and the suspects would have serious problems.

According to the stories of Liaonas and Mantas it becomes clear they decided to kill the girl because she had resisted, although she said,  she would not go to the police. The suspects were frightened that the girl would remember their faces, and later would recognize them and report to law enforcement.

It also became known that on March 5 2017 the brothers watched the victim near Kaunas, but did not think that it would be a girl. Seeing her car, followed her. The girl, realizing that she was being pursued, increased speed. It was not difficult to imitate an accident. When Audi A7 stopped, the men immediately attacked the girl and placed her in the trunk of the car. Her phone was thrown by the men on the road when they were traveling towards Kaunas.

At once after the abduction of female Karolis and Liaonas drove the car of E.S., but Mantas was following them by car that belong to one of the cousins. E.S. spent in the trunk several hours – from the abduction location, suspects drove to Marijampole, LT where their relatives and friends reside. The victim they wanted to dump somewhere at Russian or Polish border. Suspects even drove close to the border, but changed their plans. When they opened the trunk and started to talk to the victim. One of the suspects said that the girl asked her to let go, but hinted that she would not forgive them and report to the police. She also mentioned her friend, who is waiting for her in Vilnius, LT and has already contacted the police. It was after these words that the men decided to get rid of their victim

Baltic Security comments, notes, additions for car abductions: 

After analysis of the available in the national and international media, we would like to add a few words that hopefully would be never used. But more importantly, may save someones live.

Use common sense | Use common sense | Use common sense | Use common sense

Some brief ideas on how to act during the suspicious road situation |traveling by car in any country.

The bellow mentioned is based on green – orange – red level of awareness.

Green – no signs of trouble.

a) Check the surrounding.

a1) Surrounding OK –  car alarm ON.


a3) Call the police & relatives.


a5) Check the surrounding.

a6) If common sense | surrounding | police is OK = keep on the line with law enforcement.

Orange – something is NOT right.

b)  Check the surrounding

b1) Surrounding OK –  car alarm ON.


b3) Call the police & relatives – cell phone no connection.


b5) DO NOT EXIT CAR. Doors LOCKED, driver’s window down for 10 cm, keep engine running/ ready to run/ ready to push the throttle.

Red – something is WRONG.

c) Check the surrounding

c1) Surrounding is NOT OK –  Keep CALM

(stay in lane | do not reduce or increase the speed | keep driving )

c2) Call the police & relatives – cell phone no connection.

c3) Do all you can to attract the attention

Do something crazy | Block the traffic | KEEP DRIVING



You are out of the car and things are going bad:

d1) Forget who you are

d2) Behave calm | polite | not aggressive 

d3) Demonstrate weak eyesight 

d4) You DO NOT TALK!!! (murmur)

d5) Agree with everything.

d6) Nod your head, eyes, and body demonstrate devotion.

d7) …see rule #1.


1. GPS/Cell/Bluetooth jammers

There was information in the media that killers during the abduction used GPS/Cell/Bluetooth jammers during the crime. We have made our research and may state that jammers are illegal in Baltics. Notwithstanding jammers are illegal in Baltics it can be easily purchased online. Brief research reveals that range of such jammers is rather impressive. Handheld devices apx. 15 m but more expensive more then 150 m! However, we did not encounter massive offers for the Anti – GPS/Cell phone jammers availability or detection products for the general public.

2. Our experience in road staged attempts 

To begin with, we provided investigative services and experienced ourselves attempts of forced car abduction | attempts of road robberies. Thus, we do familiar with the subject matter. But it all was more then 20 years ago – in the “crazy 90’s” in the post-soviet countries. In this century such accidents are not common, especially for small Baltic countries. The worst thing we experienced in the Close Protection:

few beaten faces (friends of the client, they got what they wanted), drug addict knife attack attempt (prevented), face control (not letting the client to enter), drunk surroundings, negotiations with club security, NEVER en route issues.

Story #1 

Back in mid-nineties we were traveling to the Ukraine. The car was equipped with short-range radio (that was working only in Latvia). The car had an antenna that could have been placed on the car roof when needed. In the night, two cars approached on the empty road. It was realized that there is a pursuit. First thing that was done – no signs of concern.  No panic. Two vehicles were following the car for already 15 minutes. Back in year 1994 mobile phones only started to appear thus the car did not have cell phone capacity. When, we started to realize that it is a good time to take action we have placed an antenna to the roof. Within 2-3 minutes both cars, overtook us and we continued the journey.


1. Stay calm, do not show the signs of fair.

2. Utilise all you have in order to avoid problems.

Story #2

Two hot-blood well-established entrepreneurs were traveling from Riga, Latvia to the adjacent resort city of Jurmala, Latvia. After successful business deal the businessmen had a fair amount of cash in the car and were going to celebrate the deal. Suddenly, a similar class car (LADA 2107) overtakes them and waving hands orders to stop. Two well-made guys decided to teach the freaks a lesson. They halt the car and 2 on 2 fight starts. What they missed was another car full of gangsters stopped behind them. Both well-made businessmen were severely bitten. Money were stolen.  The smartest move in that case that victims approached us Baltic Security. Thanks to our abilities within the few days all was returned with apologies to the victims.

Car Abduction party was member  of the well organised criminal group from Russia that was traveling Baltics with the purpose of “Hit’n’Run” robberies.


  1. Do not overestimate your capabilities.
  2. Never underestimate the counterparty.
  3. Do not hope for the fair fight.
  4. Do not experiment with your connections.
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