Bar Girls Scam in Latvia | Lithuania | Estonia

Bar girls Scam in Latvia Lithuania Estonia

Bar girls Scam in Latvia Lithuania Estonia

Bar – Girls scam aka B – Girls scam in Latvia | Estonia | Lithuania used to be a very popular scam in the recent past. The scam used to be a popular scheme for local bars and strip clubs to get some easy extra cash. In Latvia the biggest surprise was 10,000 USD for a bottle of cheap champagne. However the bar had a wrong person for the victim – it was an official from one of the embassies in Riga, Latvia…

Tallinn | Riga | Vilnius the scheme was one and the same. Nice looking young ladies with perfect English lured foreigners into the bars. After a few drinks, the unsuspected foreigner was getting a bill for several grands for a few drinks.

Bar – Girls scam was one of the main reason for Riga City Council to create a special unit within the municipal police: Riga Tourist Municipal Police.

Riga Municipal Police has a specialised Tourist Unit, which ensures public order, as well as provides information to foreign visitors about the opportunity for assistance in case of incidents like theft, lost property and fraud. A 24-hour information Hotline +371 67181818 has been introduced for foreign nationals. Information is provided in Latvian, Russian, and English.” –

Online source to check for video from Riga Police:

Similar is available from Tallinn and Vilnius.

Notwithstanding the general improvement of the situation in Baltics and Bar – Girls scam in Latvia | Estonia and Lithunia are stronger supervised, we advise clients to use common sense and general safety standards.

Things to watch for such: taxi drivers | use only well known companies | always make an order thru call center, Taxify or Uber. Picking up a cab from the street may turn out in charges that are  x10 times the normal rate and unnecessary issues with law enforcement or other cab drivers.

Unauthorized credit card charges | provocations from the local or not local people | public safety has always be remembered.

For the client’s convenience, we offer Safety – Driver bodyguard in Estonia | Lithuania | Latvia | Hungary | Romania | Ukraine.  Driver – bodyguard is appropriate for the stag parties or simply for the piece of mind for private visits. Mobile response team in case of emergency is a compliment hiring a Driver Bodyguard.

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