Vehicle accident insurance fraud


Case study # 3. Vehicle accident insurance fraud  investigation

Baltic Security assisted the client from Ireland to conduct the insurance fraud investigation in Lithuania. The claim was rather standard: after the accident in the Ireland with the hired car, claimant lost physical abilities and sustained serious health injuries.

We have conducted background check and allocation of the individual who has moved back to Lithuania. Further, we have traced the driving records of the suspect. It was established that not only in the UK the suspect had more than average accidents but also had very constant records of accidents in Lithuania. Further, we have received the confirmation that in most accidents the victim and the suspect knew each other prior. Our findings were provided further for the client for the consideration.

Due to the massive wave of immigration to the UK, Germany, Ireland, other EU countries that followed  EU extensions and especially crisis that took place in the years 2008 – 2010 placed the grounds for insurance fraud perpetrated by the immigrants from Baltic Countries and Eastern Europe.

Western European large insurance payments became a lucrative field for organized crime groups, not to mention a lucrative venture for the migrants with the shady thoughts to bring the knowledge for the insurance fraud from Latvia | Lithuania | Estonia | Romania | Poland etc.

Baltic Security has extensive positive experience in complicated vehicle accident insurance fraud investigations Medical Insurance Fraud and other types of investigations. Baltic Security is the independent privately owned company and we always stay neutral and unbiased.

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