Radio Interview with ex-private detective, lawyer from Riga, Latvia

Detective Latvia interview

Radio Interview Private Detective Latvia | Case Study

Good morning.

Today in the radio program Good Morning our guest is Michael Chernousov, PhD, lawyer, private detective ret. Police ret. Society Baltic Security Chair. Baltic International Academy prof.

Celebrating day of Police we have the interview. You as ex-chief of Criminal Police Moscow District of Riga, Latvia still celebrate the Police Day (Milicija Day).

Having a chance want to congratulate all active and retired officers in the 100 years

commemoration. Agents, undercover agents, police assistance do celebrate the holiday. And indeed the persons that were getting to Police also do celebrate. Almost everyone had been visiting the Police facilities thus the holiday is for everyone.

One or another way every persons  had to deal with police as victim, witnesses or suspects .

You used to be a head of Criminal Police Moscow District of Riga one of the most dangerous districts back then – mid 80’s.

Very active years to remember with colleagues. Since 1991 I became a private detective.

As seservicemen had to obey the orders – we executed the orders. There are lot of media coverage on the situation during the USSR breakdown.

I do not wish to politicise the situation. But it was interesting time back then. There were number of cases.

One of the most serious cases during my career start was the investigation of the murder of 12 y.o. girl in Saulkrasti, Latvia. The murderer Sasha, Alexander. He stabbed the girl with the knife.

He had a series of murders. In the camp in Saulkrasti a murder group had been formed. I was responsible for the criminal investigation.

He lived in Riga, Latvia. During interrogations I, could not understand the psychology of the suspect. Alex used to be a soccer player, he was an informant for the Milicia (Soviet Police), he was married and had a socially active live. He had a small child.

At the day of murder he was laying on the beach and suddenly spotted  a victim. He used a covert methods to hide the crime.

I met with his wife, I talked to the Chiefs of Police, I offered that the murderer would come to us. More then 2 weeks a group of 10 best detectives was working on that case.

During the secuenc of events, I understood that Alex was a person of interest. Further, we resolved the crime.

If the person who killed the child deserved   the mentioning in the media. Do you think that he is still alive. I think that he is not.

You mentioned that is used to be interesting but not anymore, what do you men?

I mean that it used to be an overall “drive” . People used to work not for a money, due to the situation, maybe we used to be young. That was my way Ivan Ivanich, who referenced me. In the 22 High school Riga, movies, that motivated me to get into profession.

My colleagues experienced the same motivation. It was not due to the new flats it was due to the live style and among the colleagues.

You did graduated the Omsk, Russia High School of Police (Омская Высшая Школа Милиции МВД, СССР).  Why in Omsk? It was the only Special School. I tried more then once. From the second attempt I passed.

Have you served in the Army? In the Omsk it was boot – camp. I returned to my motherland – Latvia where I was born.

There were number of “bad – guys”. We did find the common language for the mutual benefits.

OPG – Organised crime has its own specifics . Indeed, there are changes. In mid 90’s there was a joke that “Criminality is striving for the Political Power”.

One of the cases we experienced that  particular of the mobsters was looking for the Political Power. We have apprehended the big boss in Riga at the Main Train Station. He was very curious who “set him up” . He received a 1 years sentence. After one year we met and in my office he asked: who was that beach? Who was that moll?  Who set me up? He did not understand who was the “moll”.  Further, we started to cooperate.

Phone calls… reminder that our guest is Michael Chernousov  Ex – head of Criminal Police Moscow District of Riga, attorney, prof.

Phone call: vary good to hear your voice. Have you had an information on the case of 16th years old slaughter back in 80’s.

Yes, Markovnikov was my boss. It was a very challenging  time.

Why police support crime songs?

Is that due to the crime Romanitcs?

We used to have different equipment, it was our lifestyle. We had mutual respect with “Bad guys”. We used it for the normal cooperation.

You used to be called “Pigs” – (Menti) – was it OK?

I do not recall that it was a widespread nickname. There were  some negative names but it was a mutual respect that was not a priority.

Phone call : Good morning.

A loud case of the murder. I did my job. it was a well known person. Would not like to comment.

After Police you became a detective.

Was it a forced change?

I used to be a young  major of Police. I did quit. The position I was offered was humiliating for me.

After that time I became a private detective. Most of the cases private detectives deal with is due diligence, background check, fraud investigations, missing people.

About 5% of private detective work is adultery, cheating, infidelity investigations.

Have you had an interesting movie like cases?

For more then 20 years we experienced very complicated and interesting  case. Please advise the topic.

We as licensed private detectives are legitimate to participate in the criminal investigations, informing the the Police.

From other side as a lawyer. Not every one is capable to adjust one self for the new duties. That is not a moral issue that is to understand the legitimate thing. That is my choice whether to take the case or not.Lawyers to often to contact me to conduct the investigations.

Phone call: whether the crime have changed over the years.

Crime investigations is not a one time thing that is a process. There were time that some crime groups had influence of the particular sectors.

Nowadays the pattern is slightly different but the idea remains the same , in particularly in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and former Yugoslavia

Phone call:

Was there a conflict of interest between the Law/ Special Service and Private sector.

Everyone is doing its job. There may not be a cooperation between the private investigators and law enforcement agencies a-priori. Indeed, it  would make more sense to cooperate.

Thank you!

Brief translation by Baltic Security.