Medical Insurance Fraud Investigation


Case study # 2. Medical insurance fraud Investigation

The key point is universal -  to defraud the insurance company and hide back home.

Medical Insurance fraud investigation in Latvia | Lithuania | Estonia | Hungary | Greece |Worldwide

“From our experience in international Insurance Fraud investigations, the key point is universal –  to defraud the insurance company and settle back home for a while” – Baltic Security.

Baltic Security investigates full scope of insurance fraud in Latvia | Lithuania | Estonia. Medical fraud | Vehicle Accident fraud | Workplace injury fraud | Car theft fraud | Arson fraud are among the most popular insurance fraud investigations we have encountered.

“Not every accident is a fraud, but every insurance fraud is an accident”  – Baltic Security. 

Example of Medical Insurance Fraud Investigation in Latvia: Client – Investigative Company from the UK asked Baltic Security for assistance in unclear insurance investigation in Latvia and Lithuania. The objective was to trace the location and provide surveillance of the individual that was suspected to perpetrate a multimillion $ medical insurance fraud in the UK.  Our detectives conducted a background check with source inquiries. Shortly, the individual was allocated and assistance our fraud investigative team with physical surveillance was ordered.

Soon after Baltic Security surveillance unit arrived, a male with similar but not easily recognizable appearance was detected exiting the apartment building. Male was happily walking around and playing with the pet. Notwithstanding the insurance claim of total immobility, the subject’s behavior was different from the anticipation.  Further pieces of evidence of normal physical activity were detected and submitted to the client for further realization.

This case shortly describes a common usage of private investigators in Latvia | Lithuania | Estonia | UK | USA and around the world. Often, the cases are more complex and require in-depth information gathering with the visits to multiple locations. In such complex cases, it is important to follow the correct algorithm in order not to jeopardize the whole operation.