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Private investigators and private detectives are the reality of our days. Baltic states, Europe, UK, USA, Russia across the Globe – professional detectives is a real help to the clients that require one. Alongside with state law enforcement bodies, it represents, an essential element of ensuring public security, fraud investigations, sometimes investigation of criminal cases. However, it is still inadequately claimed and realized by the state.

Baltic Security provides detective services in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, EU, most of former USSR countries, USA and South America. Most often, detectives are contacted by the private or corporate clients to check the reliability of the business partner, risk assessment of the business deal, long-term investment, investigation of fraud, unlawful seizure of property, and other unlawful actions, including complex criminal cases (grand thefts, murders, missing people).

Private detective activity is aimed at providing services to individuals and legal entities on a reimbursable contractual basis to protect life and health, protect the property of owners, search for missing persons and protect other legitimate interests of clients.

Who are the clients of private detectives 

Clients array is widespread. From Private clients to World Renown corporations and Financial Institutions.

Sometimes well known international law offices are asking to provide information on civil or criminal case

Multinational banks ask to execute the assets trace

International natural resource affiliates seek for due diligence

Private clients ask to establish the real parents or to find the relatives

Corporate clients seek assistance to investigate top management activities

Foreign enterprises to check subsidiary or daughter companies performance

World Wealthiest people choose Baltic Security to provide Close Protection

Our reliable long-term partners are ready to assist in almost any part of the Globe.

“Corporate or Private Clientele  need advice right here right now”  V.Chernousov

The client of private detectives is the one who needs advice right here right now. Often, the clients have no prior experience in dealing with private investigators. For Baltic Security and our associate’s approach is universal – we are experienced, independent professionals. However, there are many examples when “so-called private detectives” instead of real assistance, just take the money from the client not to say impersonate our agency.

Baltic Security motto is “Your Reliable Partner in Unreliable Situation” 

Bellow are some briefs of the work of Private Investigators

Private Detectives

a collection of information on civil and criminal cases. Clients in this case, as a rule, are the victim, the plaintiff, the defendant, the suspect, his relatives, law offices, lawyers or the representatives.

Business Intelligence

– collection of information on business activities. As a rule, detective actions are carried out to find out the reliability of the client’s partner, to establish enterprises engaged in unfair competition.

Background Check

– collection of information about individuals when concluding contracts. This type of services is carried out mainly with respect to persons with whom an employment contract is to be concluded;

Missing People

– search for missing persons. Although the search for missing persons is the responsibility of the state police, often citizens turn to private detectives who carry out search activities and independent investigation, when necessary, in consultation with the client, in contact with the relevant police units.

Insurance Fraud investigations and the full scope of other detective activities.

Certified detectives, experienced lawyers, will help you solve the issue.

Be sure to read the Private Detective, how to choose? not to become a victim of scammers.

Rule of Five W.E. – Elements of Success in Covert Surveillance Operations


Covert surveillance is one of the ancient methods that is still widely used by private detectives | fraud investigators in Latvia | Lithuania | Estonia | Greece | Ukraine | Russia | Slovakia | Czech | Romania | Spain  etc. With the proper approach, it may be very effective tool in most types of investigations. Even nowadays, covert physical observation missions, including those a the international scale, may be very effective tool in various types of corporate fraud | internal advisory | insurance fraud investigations. From the most simple such as commonly known matrimonial investigations to sophisticated cases of commercial intelligence.

The mere surveillance, without diligently gathered and supplied to surveillance operator intelligence, from the highly effective may be downgraded to useless. There are no universal methods,  each case has its own peculiarities. Baltic Security decided to highlight the core principles that are crucial for successful covert surveillance in Baltics and Worldwide.

There are various strategies that are widely used in the market of private investigations not only in Latvia | Lithuania | Estonia but internationally. For example:

– Some companies utilize strategy that surveillance operation may be easily done by one person in the foreign country;
– Meantime, there are those that for a relatively easy task must deploy a dozen of agents, helicopter and airplane;
– Some clients influenced by spy movies are confident that there is nothing simpler than to enter secured private property and install a hidden cameras and microphones while group of people is having dinner in the next room.

Fortunately, there are detective agencies and clients who realistically view the difficulty level of the task and are able to provide the best level for the reasonable – although not cheap price. One of such, is detective agency Baltic Security that covers Riga | Vilnius | Tallinn | Worldwide.

Baltic Security team decides to invent the Rule of FIVE W.E. 

We have not invented the bicycle we simply summarized our observations – Baltic Security. 

Rule of 5 WE is designed to ease the understanding of the task and expectations of the client. It is aimed that only with the participation of both parties WE are able to achieve the results.

Client: “5 W”
– Who (detailed description);
– With whom (other known parties);
– Where (all known places);
– Why (job is needed);
– What (final objective).

Baltic Security: “5 E”
– Estimate (cost);
– Evaluate (possibility);
– Empower (sources);
– Ensure (quality);
– Execute (order).

Thus, WE achieve quality results. If any part is missing, the chances of success is close to nothing.

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